Oracle Magic - A Vision of Life (Sundays, 9am PST, May 16-June 6)

Oracle Magic - A Vision of Life (Sundays, 9am PST, May 16-June 6)


In this class you will:

  • Learn the language of ritual and how it works (the laws behind it)
  • The revelation of two new archetypes that are missing from the classic tarot card decks
  • Gain tools to move out of life-long patterns using methods to shift perception and create a new reality, a new story. 


Most people live as if on one page of a book, but in fact, we can live, see and participate throughout all the pages of this book called life. We can use many things to help us do this, such as read the signs, embody the archetypes and use our dreams in order to see the profound meanings of life and experience that life fully. This can be a way of changing our perceptions and of asking new questions. This will result in learning to guide your life rather than life guiding you. You can take the reins and choose the destination!


Gazza Solidago

Time: 4 meetings, every other week, for 105 minutes each

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