Divine Purpose Alignment Technique - April 21/May 4

Divine Purpose Alignment Technique - April 21/May 4


The Divine Purpose Alignment Technique is a 2 session training that works with two card decks: The Divine Soul Purpose and Ascension Template card decks. 


The Divine Soul Contract card deck is a tool that Aimee Mosco developed to help reveal the underlying lessons and contract elements associated with an individual’s divine purpose and innate driving force.


The Ascension Template card deck is a tool to help further secure the energy field and/or uncover areas within the field in need of fortification.


The system can be used for personal development or used as a practitioner tool/system administered to clients.

Each training includes:

  • 2.5 hours of live instruction
  • Divine Purpose Alignment Technique Manual – Soul Purpose and Ascension Templates (2)
  • Divine Purpose and Ascension Template Card decks for readings
  • Worksheets and follow up exercise PDFs 
  • Encoded crystal pendulum activator
  • Multiple Activations
  • A full set of channeled sacred symbols


Aimee Mosco

Time: Two classes, 2.5 hours each


 Date: April 7, 1-3:30pm PST, and April 21, 1-3:30pm PST


These classes will only be held live via Zoom

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