Intentional Manifestation Path - Weight Loss

Intentional Manifestation Path - Weight Loss


For those who are looking to specifically manifest weight loss in this 3-D world, this path is for you.  Intentional weight loss manifestation focuses on how to manifest various aspects of weight loss from setting of intentions that draws the energy in for the outcome your desire to gut health and exercise.  The meeting of any goal is a natural outcomes when things are aligned in your energy field. Come and explore those spiritual alignment tools that lead to the intentional manifestation of weight loss.  


This path includes:

  • Conscious Awareness
  • Writing Intentions
  • Yoga
  • Gut Health 1
  • SACRED Intentions
  • SACRED Intro
  • Distance Reiki
  • Healthy Eating
  • SACRED Follow Up 1
  • Tracking Progress
  • Movement through Dance
  • SACRED Follow Up 2
  • Eating for Your Body Type
  • Meditation 2
  • SACRED Follow Up 3


Dates for this class have not yet been set. Please contact us at to place your name on a list of interested students. At that time, you can indicate preferences for days of the week and times.


Dr. Kimberlee Woods &

Janice Veech

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