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Motivator, Guide and

Purposeful Creator.


I help lightworkers

live their soul purpose through deep inner work and energetic clarity.

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Welcome to the doorway to releasing your limitations
embracing your life with mastery.

Hi, I'm Dr. Kimberlee Woods, and I help lightworkers to take their work to the next level, deeply living their soul purpose, with enhanced confidence and trust, through deep inner work, activations, and energetic clarity so they can intentionally operate at the highest vibrational expression of who they are, masters in their own right.

With decades of experience in mentoring and guiding others, using ancient tools and modalities, it is my life's work to walk alongside lightworkers, helping them to become their most powerful, masterful and authentic selves.


When I began my work with Kimberlee, I had no idea how much my life would change.  I began to see my life's purpose so clearly and stepped into my own power in ways beyond all imagination.  I now truly live in my mastery.

JANICE VEECH  |  |  Certified Yoga teacher of Vinyasa and Kundali Yoga  |  Classically trained chef with Le Cordon Blue

Book your no-obligation call with me and begin to experience your mastery.

Embrace your power
Start your journey of mastery 

Kimberlee discusses how
the energy field works

The School of Mystical Arts is a place for esoteric and metaphysical exploration, learning, and growth. No matter what phase you are at in your spiritual awakening, there is something here for you. ​If you have found the School of Mystical Arts in your search, more than likely there is a reason. Click on a link, explore a page, or just give us a call and let's start this journey together!

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