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School of Mystical Arts

The School of Mystical Arts is a place for exploration, learning, and growth. No matter what phase you are at in your spiritual awakening, there is something here for you. Located in the greater Denver area, we intend to help people know themselves so that they can truly discover their reason and purpose for being on this planet.

Everything we do, whether it is to teach a class, provide a healing or event, or collaborate with other lightworkers, it is with the sole intent of offering people empowerment tools to find a path that helps them to progress in knowing who they are and why they are here.  

In these uncertain times, so many have had the chance to stop and reflect on what is truly important in life.  For us, it is all about supporting people to align with their life's purpose to experience joy.


If you have found the School of Mystical Arts in your search, more than likely there is a reason. Click on a link, explore a page, or just give us a call and let's start this journey together!


  • Path of Awakening

  • Healers Path

  • Toolworkers Path

  • Spiritual Warrior Path

  • Mystery School Path

  • Path of Wellness

  • Alchemy Path

  • Teachers Path

  • Path of Intentional Manifestation

  • Divine Purpose Alignment 1-2

  • Demystifying Spirit World 1-3

  • Sacred Intro and Follow Up

  • Astral Travel 1-2

  • Intuitive Development 1-3

  • Energetic Mastery 1-3

  • Esoteric Talks 1-14

  • Self Awareness to Self-Realization 

  • Art of Divination

  • Conscious Co-Creation

  • Past Lives

  • Journeys of the Spirit

  • Sacred Geometry 2

  • Sacred Life Coaching

  • Sacred Practitioner Training

  • Empower Thyself Initiation

  • Sacred Package

  • Reiki 1

  • Clearing your Field

  • Meeting your Higher Self

  • Demystifying Spirit World

  • Empowered Manifestation

  • Enhancing Intuition

  • 12 Root Races

  • Becoming More Psychic

  • Astral Travel

  • Creative Self-Expression

  • Improvisational Writing

  • Astral Travel

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