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DivinePurpose Alignment

2 Day Series

2.5 Hour Sessions Each

Identify the lessons and contract elements connected with your Divine Purpose.

Class Includes: Manual, card deck, worksheets, pendulum, crystal, channeled symbols, activations and a healing technique.


The School of Mystical Arts is a place for exploration, learning and growth.  No matter what phase you are at in your spiritual awakening, there is something here for you. Located in the greater Denver area, it is our intent to help people know themselves so that they can truly discover their reason and purpose for being on this planet. Everything we do, whether it is to teach a class, provide a healing or event or collaborate with other light workers, it is with the sole intent of empowering people to  find a path that   helps them to progress in knowing who they are and  why they are here.   In these uncertain times, so many in 

these uncertain times, so many have had the chance to stop and reflect on what is truly important in life.  For us, it is all about helping people to align with their life's purpose in order to experience joy. If you have found the School of Mystical Arts in your searching, more than likely there is a reason. Click on a link, explore a page, or just give us a call and let's start this journey together!

What Are You Longing to Explore?
What Do You Desire to Learn?

The School of Mystical Arts offers single classes, series,

intensives, and paths that will help you on your way.

Path of Awakening

Healers Path

Toolworkers Path

Spiritual Warrior Path

Mystery School Path

Path of Wellness

Alchemy Path

Intentional Manifest-

ation Path

Teachers Path

Divine Purpose Alignment 1-2

Demystifying Spirit World 1-2

The 8 Quests 1-10

Astral Travel 1-2

Intuition Development 1-3

Energetic Mastery 1-3

Esoteric Talks 1-14

Love Series 1-3

Sacred 1-4

The Ties that Bind

Self Awareness to Self-Realization 1-3

Conscious Co-Creation 1-3

Art of Divination 1-3

Past Lives

Journeys of the Spirit

Sacred Geometry 2


Life Coaching

SACRED Practitioner Training

Reiki 1

Clearing Your Field

Meet Your Higher Self

Demystifying Spirit World

Empowered Manifestation

Enhancing Intuition

360 Degree Decluttering

Creative Self-Expression

Improvisational Writing

Astral Travel

Sacred Geometry 1

Becoming More Psychic

Living in Freedom

Aligning with Soul Purpose

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We have very unique items that have been specifically programmed to deliver the highest vibration in the most comfortable and efficient manner.  Everything we do is meant to be experienced with grace and ease. 

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Looking to find more peace and feel more like yourself again? Everyone encounters things or people throughout their week that are challenging and that throws us off our center. Our healing sessions are designed to help you re-balance your energy and return you to your true self.

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