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Dr. Kimberlee Woods

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From the time I was young, I always felt like there was something more to life.  In fact, I believed so much that there was more to this existence, that I began "my search." I was only 9 years old, but I remember going over to the bible that sat upon our stereo, and I turned to page one and began reading.  After about 50 or more of the who begat whom, I gave up.

Later, I saw a sign about vacation bible school, and I asked my mom if I could go. I sat in a pew with dozens of 5-year-olds, hoping they were going to answer my questions of why I was here and what this life was all about.

From the time I was young, I always felt like there was something more to life.  For the next 25-years, I continued my search, through Lutheran High School, Assemblies of God College, Inter-Denominational Seminary, a doctoral program in social ethics, the Centers for Spiritual Living. It was like peeling an onion. Everything that I had constructed about God was unraveling before me and every time I thought I knew who God was, it would unravel again. I suppose I needed that journey of discovery in order to stop limiting a limitless being. I continued asking the difficult questions but still found myself longing for more. It wasn’t that I felt empty. I had done enough personal work to be comfortable with who I was and clear about my gifts. It was more than that. I tried A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, Centers for Spiritual Living, Reiki. Each piece showed me a little more about myself, but it began to feel like there was nothing new under the sun. People who claimed to have the latest insight or understanding were simply taking old ideas and adding a new twist.


That is when I was introduced to a Mystery School, and to be honest, at first it scared me. They talked about “hidden knowledge,” but of course when anyone talks about hidden knowledge, the term “occult” always appears, and I associated that term with evil.


I went through their first level of initiation, an initiation into the lineage of King Salomon.  Afterwards, I felt like my life had taken off like a rocket.  I understand now that anyone who goes through intense study will undergo levels of initiation.  Your soul is remembering wisdom it has held for many lifetimes.  That initiation is like you have said yes to who you are and why you are here, and things begin to come into alignment.


After almost five years of study with the school, having undergone six of the seven levels of initiation, learning to become a healer, teacher, guide, and apprentice, my beliefs began to shift.  I understood my godhood and embraced my divinity in new and powerful ways, but as beliefs shifted, so did my conscious awareness.  The knowledge that I received was profound and powerful, but the direction of the school was different from whom I was becoming.  Simply put, it felt too fear-based, with too much judgment.  At that time, I was also studying with Aimee Mosco, a local Avatar, who started IHS Unity.  Aimee introduced me to SACRED which is based on the 66 lost keys of Nefertiti.  Her system helped me to ferret out fear, open up my intuition in profound ways, and to live a life of mastery.  I became clearer about my purpose and through that process, I found Damanhur in Italy.  I see now that I will more than likely work with many different schools of thought, as we never truly stop learning.


The first Mystery School gave me a foundation and an arsenal of tools that brings healing and empowerment to both myself and others. It helped me to shed much of the negative ego that often times gets in the way of embodying the whole self. Damanhur has been incredible support that embraces each person becoming who they are meant to be in this world - actors, contributors, researchers, that come together in the collective tapestry.   SACRED and many of the tools gained through Aimee and IHS Unity, have served to further support individual growth and empowerment. Now I spend my time helping people to know who they are, why they are here and how to walk a path towards conscious awakening. I believe that if we all do this, together, we can truly change the planet."

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