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1-on-1 Mentorship

If you are here, I know you are someone who is looking to expand, to take your energetic work to the next level. 

You are led by Spirit, ever-growing, ever-searching. You long to fill your life purpose with clarity, strength and courage.

You long for something more. Something deeper.

My mentorship program will catapult you to the next level you.  Working with me one-on-one will provide the tools that you need to succeed.


Would you like to energetically master your life and operate with clarity regarding your soul purpose?


Private 1:1 Mentorship may be

what you need to embody your next level. 

Are you looking for greater clarity regarding your soul work and how to bring your visions to fruition?

Would you like to clear away obstacles from truly manifesting your desired outcomes?


Would you like to experience greater flow

and synchronicity?

Have you started to notice some stagnation or

lack of movement forward?

The Energetic Mastery Program for Soul Alignment is a 1:1 private mentorship program for anyone who is trying to

take their soul work to the next level with regards to

personal and professional outcomes.

Are you ready to take your work
to the next level?

Explore the Energetic Mastery
for Soul Alignment Program

Energetic Mastery Program

1:1 Private Mentorship

I have worked with Kimberlee on many projects and have found her insights, extensive spiritual knowledge and practical application of the manifestation process to be truly effective.  She understands the complicated process of how energy works and translates that in way that can help anyone become an intentional creator.


Intentional Healing Systems,  |  Author, Channeler, Healer, Intuitive

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