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Buddhist Monk Meditating

Dr. Laura Luna

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As Dr. Laura engaged her learning to become a Psychologist - she also embraced multiple ways to approach healing. She realized that healing encompassed not only the mind - as psychology emphasizes, not just the body - as western medicine focuses on, but also the spirit - and emotions. All of these elements are interconnected and intertwined and must be addressed when approaching healing, wellness and a balanced-harmonious life. From an Indigenous perspective, these elements coincide with the energies around us, north-south-east-west, and wind, fire, earth and water.

Luna y Sol Healing, was created to access balance, harmony and wellness from an integrative and holistic model grounded in Indigenous wisdom.


She created Luna y Sol Healing as an organization and also founded a nonprofit in order to find ways to serve people in underserved communities and to foster a knowing that wellness can happen from within - so that together all can journey on the path to wellness. 

You learn more about Dr. Luna at

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