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Dr. Woods' Videos

“The spiritual world is inhabited by two species.
Those who seek and those who find.”

– Falco Tarassacco

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Dr. Kimberlee Woods has been trained by two different mystery schools, and alchemy school, learning various esoteric secrets and healing modalities. She has also studied with Integrated Healing Systems and trains Practitioners to implement the Sacred System. She has traveled the world anchoring sacred sites for the Atlantean Crystalline Network, beginning her journey in Damanhur, Italy, a spiritual community founded by Falco Tarassaco. She currently resides in the Greater Denver area, offering tools and sacred knowledge that others may create the life of their dreams.

Sacred Extension Classes

Each course includes a 90 minute video and laminate.  Courses include:

  • Administering Self-Healing

  • Aligning with Your Soul Purpose 

  • Clearing Your Field

  • Conveying Your Inner Truth

  • Emotional Sovereignty

  • Empowered Manifestation 

  • Enhancing Your Intuition

  • Living in Freedom

  • Managing Empathic Function

  • Mastering Your Subconscious

  • Telepathic Communication

  • Trusting Your Intuition

  • Upshifting Body Function  

Sacred Extension Class Recordings