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Buddhist Monk Meditating

Gazza Solidago

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Gazza Solidago, formerly known as Patricia Vicino is a member of Damanhur, the Federation of Spiritual Communities, near Vidracco, Italy. At age 22, Gazza Solidago, moved to Damanhur in search of answers to that most pressing of questions - the meaning of life. Enriched by her 35 years of community life, Gazza has become a valued teacher of Alchemy, Medit-Action, Awakening of Inner Senses, and Past Lives.


She is a Spiritual Healer and has been in the Way of the Oracle for 30+ years. Sharing her research and love for Life and the Sacred, Gazza has led thousands of visitors towards magical-esoteric destinations to awaken those hidden dimensions in all of us.

You can find out more about Gazza at

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