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Buddhist Monk Meditating

Gina Almgren

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For decades, Gina Almgren has been a successful entrepreneur, rising to multiple heights as a conceptual creator, business developer, artist, product designer, marketer and event innovator. With many expressions and accomplishments in her favor, her desire for higher knowledge was still not yet satisfied. Gina’s searches led her to the World of Metaphysics and there her true life’s journey began.


She was filled with higher teachings, shown practical ways to use the knowledge and ancient tools to improve her life and has continued to enjoy the benefits from this great work every day. Gina is well versed and highly trained in many of the ancient wisdoms. For over a decade she has provided unconventional, ancient and innovative technologies to enhance thousands of lives and show people how to get everything they want from it.


Living in Southern California, Gina is in full service as a Teacher, Healer, Mentor and Life Style Enhancer. She continues to receive and experience ancient knowledge; sharing some of this life’s deepest and most profound secrets, along with  offering a variety of healing modalities to other seekers in many countries worldwide.


If you've always known that there's more to life, to who you are and what you have to offer, Gina can help you reach your potential. You can reach her at 949-988-0561 or by email at

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