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Buddhist Monk Meditating

Holli Anne Smith


Reiki Master/Practitioner, Deeksha Blessing Giver, Holistic Health Expert, Essential Oils Enthusiast.

Holli's healing journey began at age 20 when her hands and wrists started to swell and become incredibly and increasingly painful. Many doctors over the next 7 years gave no solutions, other than massive doses of ibuprofen. Finally, her family physician from childhood decided to test for the RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) factor, which showed up in her blood.

Barely able to move by this point, she had to take action. The doctor placed her on chemotherapy, thyroid medication, even larger doses of ibuprofen with a prescription pain killer and more. As she progressed on this path, her body broke down. Not only over 4 months, became increasingly tired and could no longer function at her job. She realized she had to make a drastic change.

Reiki has been her healing foundation and an incredible blessing for her mind, body and spirit! She began training shortly after she started using oils and has been steadily improving since. She loves sharing these magnificent gifts, helping anyone and everyone feel this sensation of increased well-being. Listen to your body’s calling and you CAN find your way back to wellness!

You can learn more about Holli at

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