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Love Based Living

In this podcast, Dr. Kimberlee Woods and Aimee Mosco interview world-renowned channeler and psychic Judy Cali who shares her perspective of love based living in this final episode of Sacred Sages.

Judy Cali has been doing intuitive healing work with the Ascended Masters & Angels since the age of 3. She was asked by Hilarion, the Ascended Master of Healing of the Emerald Ray, to go public with her gifts, 15 years ago. Honoring his request, her Clarion Call, working with people all over the world, has been a joy!

Intuitively, through her Sacred Heart & I AM Presence, she receives a whole picture of you by seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing about your Soul. Her readings bring forth what is most important for you to know at this time in your life. Your Guardian Angels, Guides, Family in Spirit and past life details most relevant to this life, is what may come forth.

Judy is a Crystal Reiki Master, Spiritual Minister, Teacher, Life Coach and Workshop Leader.

In 2005, she channeled Mikos, Lemurian Telosian of Inner Earth for the Wesak Festival in New York City. Also she was hired by NBC, as a Psychic, for a documentary on Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle, still shown today on the SciFi Channel.


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