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7 Stones Reading (Online)

7 Stones Reading (Online)


The seven stones are an ancient form of divination, which Oberto Airaudi, the founder of Damanhur, brought to light in the early 1980's. Connected to the feminine and lunar forces, of intuition and mediumship, the seven stones explore time and possible futures.The stones, three black, three white and a seventh of a different color, are thrown every time the question is asked. The different shapes and positions that are created give the answer.


Asking for a reading is already a way to change your future, the questions asked and the answers given, influence the choices that will be made. The session lasts one hour and it is possible to ask questions relating to every aspect of one's life or loved ones, until time runs out.


You must come to the reading with questions that are specific and not generalized.  Specific:  Is it in my highest and best interest to go to Egypt in November? Too general: Can I travel at this time?  (What is meant by this time?  Of course, you can travel.  You do so every time you walk or get in the car :)).  Please stay away from words like Can I, Should I, Is It Right for Me To.)


This session is conducted online.


Crotalo Sesamo

Time: 60 minutes

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