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Aligning with Soul Purpose (Recorded)

Aligning with Soul Purpose (Recorded)


By far, the majority of people that I meet on any given day, claim that they do not have a sense of why they are here and what their purpose is in life. Honestly, it is not that surprising when you consider that this topic is rarely talked about and never taught in school. How does one begin to explore and discover his or her life purpose?


In this class you will explore your divine memory bank of accumulated wisdom cultivated over many lifetimes. You will use a tool to increase your light quotient in order to heighten your awareness so that this purpose can be revealed. You will become aligned with 5th dimensional vibrations so that you are in sync with the spiritual studies your Higher Self has planned for you. You will then bring all of this together in a way that is in alignment with your higher plan and keeps you on track with soul purpose.


Instructor: Dr. Kimberlee Woods

Time: 90 minutes


This class is recorded as a video and includes handouts, a crytalline infused laminate (which will be mailed) and activations or exercises aligned with the topic.

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