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Bral Talej Card Reading (Online)

Bral Talej Card Reading (Online)


This is a private, personal reading with Shama Viola during which you will have time to ask questions and get clarification about any questions you may be facing.  


A private reading is a wonderful way to validate your perceptions and intuitions, give you more confidence in your current and future decisions, and can help guide you toward your desired outcomes.


Take advantage of Shama's undivided attention to ask the cards for insights into love, work, your spiritual journey, decisions you are having difficulty with or any areas of your life you would like to take a closer look at. If you have your own deck you can also take advantage of this time to ask questions pertaining to the use of Bral Talej. Whilst Shama lives in Italy, there is sure to be a time that can work for both of you!


Shamo Viola

Time: 45 minutes

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