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Demystifying the Spirit World, Parts 1-2 (Recorded)

Demystifying the Spirit World, Parts 1-2 (Recorded)


Let's dive into the mysterious world of entities. Entities are all energetic beings around us, spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, earth spirits, etc. Understanding them and their world can be a huge gift. 


This class will cover aspects of the Spirit world and how to work with it.  Topics included will be:

  • Acknowledging your abilities with entities
  • Types of entities
  • Clearing different types of energies, entities, attachments, and walk-ins
  • How to work with possessions and cross overs
  • Working with conscious and light entities
  • Staying clear and aware
  • Dealing with and clearing curses, hexes, implants, explants, and alien technology
  • Portals, contracts, and agreements


Instructor: Gosia Lorenz

Time: 2 recorded sessions, 2 hours each

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