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Divine Light Crystal Activator Tower

Divine Light Crystal Activator Tower


The Divine Light Activation is an empowerment tool with which to take greater, more conscious charge of your awakening process.


The Divine Light Activation serves the purpose of moving energy out of the field which no longer honors the recipient. The activation then summons an influx of light to replace the vibrations which were released, to fully support profound spiritual growth.


The Divine Light Activation is a free tool created by the founders of Intentional Healing Systems. It can be accessed on this website by going to the vlog called Divine Light Activation or by going to, then to media and then scrolling down to “Newest U-N-I Podcast – IHS Divine Light Activation.”


This corresponding crystal activator elevates the effectiveness of the Divine Light Activation to the highest degree. It also recirculates the energy of the activation and amplifies the favorable effects effects in your field so that they are ongoing.


Shipping is included in this price.

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