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Divine Purpose Ascension Template (Friday, September 16, 10am-1pm PT)

Divine Purpose Ascension Template (Friday, September 16, 10am-1pm PT)


The Divine Purpose Alignment Technique is structured as a 2 session training, but each class can be taken separately.  This class works specifically with the Ascension Template card deck (and the first with the Soul Contract deck).  This deck was based upon information given to Aimee Mosco regarding 20 Atlantean Masters, 5 Egyptian Sigils and 7 Would-Be Kings of Israel and lights up 33 points in the human energy field. 


The Ascension Template card deck is a tool that sets a grid around your soul that sets foundational bluepreints, balances energy patterns and neutralizes resistance to help further secure the energy field and/or uncover areas within the field in need of fortification.


The system can be used for personal development or used as a practitioner tool/system administered to clients.

Each training includes:

  • 3 hours of live instruction
  • Divine Purpose Alignment Technique Manual – Ascension Template
  • Soul Contract Card deck for readings
  • Worksheets and follow up exercise PDFs 
  • Encoded crystal pendulum activator
  • Multiple Activations
  • A full set of channeled sacred symbols


Instructor: Aimee Mosco

Time: 3 hours


This class is offered via live instruction via Zoom

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