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Divine Purpose Earth Gridding

Divine Purpose Earth Gridding


In this class, you will be given Sacred Earth Gridding tools. When these tools are used to grid and clear a peice of property or a specific space, that space becomes an energetic tool in and of itself. 


Living Beings are in partnership with Mother Earth, but if they are not maintaining the space that is serving them, they are not maintaining a balance in that relationship. 


The Sacred Earth Gridding Tools can be used to clear and upshift the energy of a designated personal or workspace.  This energy work can be administered to property or on behalf of clients, business owners, friends and family or it can be used overall to upshift personal space as well as space on the planet!


This class includes:

  • 2.5 to 3 hours of training
  • Crystal infused laminated activation cards
  • Encoded crystal distributors
  • Crystal activator pendulum, 
  • A guidebook


Instructor: Aimee Mosco

Time: 2.5 hour class

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