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Empowered Manifestation (Recorded)

Empowered Manifestation (Recorded)


The class gives you four tools to help you manifest in the world.


It teaches you how to locate your personal vault, the place where you have stored tools accumulated from past lives as well as how to access the divine remembrance stored there. In addition, it aligns all of your communication pathways with the 7 cosmic grid sets allowing you to more effectively speak to the Universe.


This class will provide a way to create a container to hold the energies you are summoning to yourself in a way that the energies do not dissipate and herefore maintain the highest vibrational frequency.


Finally, it sets up an energetic structure within your field that organizes all frequencies that enter and move around your field so that unwanted energies are released and energies that you want to access are more readily available to you.


This class is pre-recorded and structured for self-study. 


Instructor: Dr. Kimberlee Woods

Time: 90 minutes


This class is recorded as a video and includes handouts, a crytalline infused laminate (which will be mailed) and activations or exercises aligned with the topic.

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