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Energetic Clarity 1-3 (Recorded)

Energetic Clarity 1-3 (Recorded)


This is a 3 part series and is offered by Gosia Lorenz as part of the Spiritual Warrior Path.  Part 1 is a pre-requisite to Part 2.  Parts 1 and 2 are a pre-requisite to Part 3. 


Part 1: You will learn how to recognize the energy world and the difference between energies and entities. You will learn to build trust in your self with the intended outcome of clarity. You will learn to move beyond fear and view yourself as cause and not effect. You will practice various clearing techniques, choosing the one that is best for you.


Part 2: You will learn advanced techniques for clearing and specific personal cases will be reviewed. You will learn to ask specific questions that give clear answers, questions like Am I alone in my body? Is this information for Gosia Lorenz, parents of ___ and ___?


Part 3:  This class will involve specific downloads and activations that will uncover dormant capacities.  In this class you will upgrade your energy blueprint, restore yourself to your original settings and Source connection and activate your Source Field.  In essence, you will turn up the Light!


Time: 3 sessions, 90 minutes each

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