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Energetic Clearing (Private Online Session)

Energetic Clearing (Private Online Session)


During this time we are bombarded more than ever with unwanted energies and entities. The veils are gone and the Astral Plane is being compressed.  We are being called upon to put to rest old lessons, contracts and agreements. 


Many today have caps that are blocking them from connecting to the 100% Light Source. In order to operate to our highest potential, we have to clear out energies, entities, hitchhikers, attachments, cords, implants, explants, programs, machinery and clones that keep us from from operating from our true Divine Nature.


In this clearing, I will check all of these areas, and with your work and assistance, remove and clear all unwanted energies and entities. 


Dr. Kimberlee Woods

1 hour

Video provided after the call.

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