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Healers' Path, Level 1

Healers' Path, Level 1


This path is great for those who are Light Workers in the world.  Anyone who feels called to provide healing whether it be to clients, co-workers or family members, there are tools here for you.  


This path includes:

  • Keeping Your Space Clean and Clear (Using Sacred Geometry and Ancient tools to clean and clear yourself and your space on an ongoing basis)
  • How to work with your Higher Wisdom (Using your Higher Wisdom to call in light beings, trust your intuition and communicate with clarity who you are and why you are here)
  • Demystifying the Spirit World (Understanding the energies around you and how to work with them-elementals, ancestors, attachments, walk-ins, demons, implants, explants)
  • Energetic Clarity 1 (Developing clear ways for getting information, finding answers, and knowing who and what you are connecting with)
  • Multiple Meditation Techniques (Develop and utilize a dozen different meditation techniques used to clear and quiet the mind)
  • Working with Chi (The stronger the chi, the more you manifest.  Learn how to strengthen your chi)
  • Managing Empathy and the Energies Around You / Emotional Sovereignty (Learn to have empathy with parameters, to give back unwanted energies and maintain your emotional sovereignty)
  • Upshifting Body Function (Receive the latest DNA downloads needed to move into the new paradigm)
  • Promoting Self-Healing (Practice self care and use sacred geometry to promote your own self-healing)
  • Aligning with Soul Purpose 1 (Begin to explore the various aspects of your soul purpose and embrace more fully who you are and why you are here)


Dates for this class have not yet been set. Please contact us at to place your name on a list of interested students. At that time, you can indicate preferences for days of the week and times.


Instructors: Dr. Kimberlee Woods & Gosia Lorenz

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