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Introduction to Alchemy (Recorded)

Introduction to Alchemy (Recorded)


I am experiencing the universe and am the universe experiencing itself.


This experience will happen through the alchemical container that is your body. These are the teachings of the late Falco Tarassaco, founder of Damanhur, philosopher, healer and alchemist.


“I have been involved, for lifetimes, in Alchemy, doing everything that was possible and… impossible. From this point of view, these are my conclusions. There is only one type of Alchemy with an im-measurable vastness of elements, which is practical, and it is the one which is related to the body.” Falco


Gazza Solidago will take you on a journey, to unfold the powers within. Discover the beautiful sacred world inside of you and awaken to what is Real.


In this class, you will connect with the elements within through 4 sessions:

  • EARTH: Explore the alchemical laboratory that is your body. Discover the Laws of Magic and how your antennas help you to send and receive information. Use this laboratory to gain a state of complete relaxation.
  • WATER: Emotions play a fundamental role in our life and in Alchemy. There is a  sequence and proportion to emotions that allow you to master the events of your life. Learn how to guide these emotions to create the life that you want.  
  • AIR. Learn how to contact the Spirits of Air. Discover their characteristics and temperament. Explore which of your personalities are connected to Air. Learn about the subtle organs of your energy structure and how they are connected to your wings.
  • FIRE. Explore the stars and learn how the stars are an expression of Fire.


Learn how to make your own personal alchemical element, your magical Star Water, to find inspiration in your life.


Alchemy has always accompanied human history across millennia. These theoretical and practical lessons are appetizers of a very vast subject. Nowadays it is crucial to awaken our latent faculties and create a future with magic in our everyday life.


Instructor: Gazza Solidago

Time: 90 minute sessions (4 classes)

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