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Managing Empathic Function (Recorded)

Managing Empathic Function (Recorded)


Many people walking this planet are empaths, picking up the energy of others, comfortable and life enhancing, as well as destructive and imbalanced. Learning how to direct and manage empathic communication can mean the difference between experiencing life enhancing energy or that which drains and pulls energy from your field.


When you learn to manage communication networks (all of your clairs, such as clairvoyance-the ability to have inward sight), you are able to determine what energy you receive and circulate aligning you with the highest possible vibrations delivered from other beings. While connecting deeply with others is a gift, it can also bring pain and hardship. This class will help you to release any unwanted energies unless they serve your highest good. This class will help you to remember you are in charge of all communications that enter your field, a master of what enters and leaves.


Instructor: Dr. Kimberlee Woods

Time: 90 minutes


This class is recorded as a video and includes handouts, a crytalline infused laminate (which will be mailed) and activations or exercises aligned with the topic.

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