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Mastering Your Subconscious (Recorded)

Mastering Your Subconscious (Recorded)


Most people have conscious awareness of approximately 10% of what they do and why they do it. 90% is subconscious, meaning that we are operating without awareness, often times based on old stories, beliefs, and experiences.


When we begin to align our subconscious being with our conscious one, we move toward enlightenment. This class will use techniques to open your mind to new perspectives that inspire expansion of your consciousness. It will help you to keep your consciousness in alignment with divinity, recirculating in your energy field only the highest vibrations. You will be given tools to master your energy field in a way that allows you to ascend to higher dimensions.


Instructor: Dr. Kimberlee Woods

Time: 90 minutes


This class is recorded as a video and includes handouts, a crytalline infused laminate (which will be mailed) and activations or exercises aligned with the topic.

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