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Past Lives Research

Past Lives Research


Recall of past lives will come to the surface during this highly creative and fascinatingly interactive experience. Damanhur uses a series of inner dynamic activities that help guide and reveal clues to a specific past life.  This is a  journey toward the memories, talents and possibilities contained within you.


Photos and Bio-Data Required in 45 days in advance.  If attending, please submit recent photo, photo from 10 years ago, place of birth, date of birth and full birth name (name given at birth, no married names). This information is required ahead of time so that the Damanhur Oracles can research the past life that is most beneficial for you to explore at this time.


Space is limited. Because of the research done by the Damanhur Oracles in Italy and individual attention from the teacher, this class is limited to 16 people.


Dates for this class have not yet been set. Please contact us at to place your name on a list of interested students. At that time, you can indicate preferences for days of the week and times.


Instructor: Crotalo Sesamo

Time: 2.5 days (five 2-hour sessions)

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