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Path of Awakening, Level 1

Path of Awakening, Level 1


This is a great path for those who are just beginning on their spiritual journey and haven't had much instruction from other teachers or for those who want to gain certain tools for expanding awareness.  Students will learn various methods for awakening themselves consciously. 


This path includes:  

  • Spiritual Basics - Angels, intuition, higher wisdom, sacred geometry, vibration
  • How to find and enter your sanctuary or lab
  • Becoming acquainted with your Higher Self
  • Developing and enhancing your intuition
  • Chi and life force energy
  • Empowered manifestation
  • Aligning with your life purpose
  • Clearing your field
  • Emotional autonomy
  • Intentions, Affirmations, Visualizations
  • SACRED Intentions
  • SACRED Intro
  • SACRED Follow Up - 3 sessions


Dates for this class have not yet been set. Please contact us at to place your name on a list of interested students. At that time, you can indicate preferences for days of the week and times.


Instructor: Dr. Kimberlee Woods

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