Programmed Crystal Tower for Authority

Programmed Crystal Tower for Authority


This IHS Crystal tower is meant to serve as an empowerment tool with which to take greater, more conscious charge of the energy flowing through your energy field.


This natural, one-of-a-kind, crystal tower, we be specifically programmed according to your desired outcomes as expressed by you to the Practitioner, Dr. Kimberlee Woods.  Each tower comes with energetic encoding specific to an area of focus.  


When energy flow is inhibited by slow, dense energies, manifestation of intentions and goals become roadblocked. This tower holds and distributes energy to your energy field that promotes optimal energy flow in support of the goal associated with the tower.


This clear crystal tower is connected to AUTHORITY and will support you in connecting with your divine power and your ability to serve as your own highest authority from an empowered perspective.  


The tower also comes with a laminate card activation, an explanation of the energy encoding in the crystal, instructions for use and an amplification exercise.


Shipping is included in the price.

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