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Tarot Reading (Online)

Tarot Reading (Online)


The cards used in this reading were developed by Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur. Their essential symbols and colors speak with simple yet profound and balanced meaning. Gazza will use the cards to interpret the answers to questions, but what is important is the space that is generated from the question, where the presence of Fire and the elements meet.


The deck of cards is made from original paintings on 50 x 70 cm canvas using mixed techniques. Each painting has on the back the description and title of the card.


A curious note: Falco painted different cards for each tarot, with variables also in the images, with the same title. The deck has 79 cards, the traditional 78, plus the Everything card, signed by Falco himself.


Gazza Salidago

Time: 45 minutes

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