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The Tree of Life, A Kabbalistic Journey

The Tree of Life, A Kabbalistic Journey


Join Me for This 6-Month Journey of Transformation!


Join me on this 6 month journey of the self as we explore the principles of Universal Kabbalah and ascend the Tree of Life together.


Universal Kabbalah is a system that helps us understand the world and our place within it. Through this journey you will begin to explore your role in the bigger picture and learn to harness your highest potential.


Kabbalah pre-dates any religion. It is the story of how we came to be and our journey back home. It provides tools, knowledge and wisdom to live life to the fullest and channel our creative abilities in order to master our spiritual potential.


This class will include:

  • A manual with daily activities to reflect on each Sephirah of the Tree of Life.
  • Mid-month chat groups to reflect on the deepest questions of life, share our triumphs and our struggles.
  • Once a month teaching on what is Kabbalah and a deeper dive into each Sephirah including various hands-on activities.
  • A once a month ascension process.


Dates for the classes:

April 9

May 7

June 4

July 9

August 13

September 10


The mid-month check-ins will be determined by the group. The classes will be held on Saturdays, 8-11:30am PT.


Some topics covered will be:


  • The story of the birth of Universe, where we came from, our purpose.
  • The process of manifestation
  • Establishing a sure foundation
  • Dependency, co-dependency, emotional autonomy
  • Balancing thoughts and emotions
  • Healing the heart space and its connection to all things
  • Mercy and the sword of truth
  • Living a life of justice
  • Looking at our dark side, the abyss
  • Applying understanding and wisdom in order to experience Source, face to face.


This journey will be very interactive. You will do exercises to apply knowledge on a continual basis. Every ascension up the Tree of Life is completely different for each person and different each time it is attempted, so a person can take this journey over and over again and come out anew.


Whether you think you are working on a particular Sephirah on the Tree of Life or not, the Tree knows that you have entered into a journey with it, and it will bring to your life various experiences and opportunities to grow in that particular realm. If you want to experience accelerated growth, this is the way to do that!

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