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Trusting Your Intuition (Recorded)

Trusting Your Intuition (Recorded)


In order to trust your intuition, you have to secure a conscious connection with your Spirit which can only happen when you merge with the most divine parts of you. Once this connection is secured, you have access to sacred memories and wisdom that you have cultivated over many lifetimes. That information exists in its most truthful and untainted state. It is what we call divine truth.


When you invite your spirit to connect with that divine truth, the communication that comes through (your inner sight, inner hearing, inner feeling, etc.), can be trusted without fail. In order to access that divine information, all you have to do is ask because it comes from your own spiritual archives. This allows you to trust that the information you are receiving is pure divine truth, unaltered and uninfluenced. From there, all that remains is, how to apply what you have intuited. And that is a game changer!


This class is pre-recorded and structured for self-study. 


Instructor: Dr. Kimberlee Woods

Time: 90 minutes


This class is recorded as a video and includes handouts, a crytalline infused laminate (which will be mailed) and activations or exercises aligned with the topic.

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