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Weight Loss That Lasts!

Weight Loss That Lasts!


This one hour class will cover practical guidelines for how to lose weight and keep it off. How many diet fads have you heard of that work for a while but not in the long term? 


What will be offered is completely in alignment with "grace and ease." Even I lost weight using old methods, methods like tracking my macros and calories, planning my meals and working out 4x's per week. But I couldn't imagine doing that for the rest of my life, so I knew inevitably the weight would come back.


But what will be shared is beyond the need for constant discipline and tracking.

Here are some guidelines that will be discussed:

  • Only do things that you will do for the rest of your life
  • Stop eating when you are satisfied, not when you are full
  • Eat based on listening to your body
  • Not everything has to be a party in your mouth
  • You can eat your favorite foods any time you want


These are just a few things that have been proven to work and help people to lose weight and keep it off.


Along with this one hour class, you will be given a link to a video with 30 minutes of stretching exercises along with 9 live online workouts (3 weeks of 3 times a week for 30 minutes each) 


You will also receive various resources and podcasts that will help you stay on track as well as learn new skills to keep the weight off. 


Whether you are trying to keep the weight off or keep from adding weight on over the holidays, this class will help get you on the right track!

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