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Buddhist Monk Meditating


Judi Cali was one of the first to go through open heart surgery at the age of 3 and, like many, saw herself on the table. She was given a choice to stay or come back. She came back. From that point on, she began channeling and healing, though not calling it that at the time.  Through the prodding of Arch Angel Hilarion, she agreed to to share her gifts with the world.  She has worked with NBC and the U.N. as a channeler and psychic.  Hilarion told her that she would work specifically with those who have come back to change the world, the 1% who remember who they are, here to serve but are currently stuck.  If you feel this is you, Judy will be vital to your journey and progression.

After many of years of study, I found that there are some groups and individuals that stand out among the rest.  The people and groups listed below are pure of heart, without ego, filled with love and a desire to serve.  I highly recommend them because of the work they are doing on the planet to upshift its vibration and help prepare people for the New Paradigm.  

Aimee Mosco is the co-founder of Intentional Healing Systems. She is an intuitive channel and avatar extraordinaire.  She is truly love personified. She is the most proficient crystal encoder I have ever met.  She encodes crystals and attaches those encodings to sacred geometric shapes which then get activated through affirmations. She has developed several systems including Light for weight loss and Sacred for spiritual transformation. I took Sacred several years ago and of all the classes I have taken, nothing has transformed my life more. I am now one of her Practitioners for the Sacred System and am proud to have her as one of the instructors with the School of Mystical Arts.

Have you ever encountered something that you couldn't explain? An energy or entity either in your own field or another's? Well, this is Gosia's expertise! I was introduced to Gosia through Aimee Mosco and realized early on that she has a very unique skill set. I continually have people come to me that had unwanted energies in themselves or their spaces. Gosia has a wonderful way of helping people identify what these are (walk-ins, ancestors, parasites, possessions, galactic beings) and remove them with grace and ease, helping them to remember their power and remove the fear.  Her work is truly empowering and I couldn't think of anyone more perfect for the Spiritual Warrior Path than her.

Energetic Synthesis is run by Lisa Renee and specifically directed at Star Seeds, although anyone can benefit from her work. Her website, EnergeticSynthesis. com, has an extensive library of terms that you could study for years.  She gives much knowledge away for free.  If you become a member, you have access to hundreds of videos that are informative, but more importantly, help clear anything from your field. I frequently use her work to clear unwanted energies.  Her constant phrase is "I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free," a phrase that I live by and include in our Mission and Values. She will consistently encourage everyone to find their inner truth.  And that will always be supported by SOMA.

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