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Buddhist Monk Meditating

Sonya Shelton

Sonya Shelton.jpg

Sonya Shelton is a Guide, Healer and Life Activation Practitioner, certified through one of the mystery schools on the planet. She is passionate about sharing these lineage tools and teachings and working with people to step into their empowerment so they can live their purpose and fulfill their potential.

She blends her experience as a business consultant and executive coach into her work as a healing practitioner and teacher to offer an integrated approach to discovery, growth and fulfillment.

She focuses on working with people to fulfill their purpose and vision for their life by integrating all aspects of themselves and building on a foundation of spirituality, joy and fulfillment.

Sonya is President of the Board of Directors at Center of the 7 Rays. She is also CEO & Founder of Executive Leadership Consulting ( and a Senior Dharma Teacher at Dharma Zen Center in Los Angeles. She is a best-selling author, Master Certified Executive Coach, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

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