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I have a variety of training, much of which has been pulled together in order to offer people deep and profound tools to launch them to the next level as healers and lightworkers.  This learning has been modified over time so that I am only using what is in alignment with the new paradigm and the highest vibrational work.  There were ideas, frameworks and paradigms that were completely tossed, as I began to see that certain learning only served to keep me and others in patterns of bondage and fear.  I was in the education field for over 20 years, having gained a Masters in  Multicultural  Education  and  a  Doctorate  in  Educational  Psychology. 

This training enabled me to develop highly honed skills in learning methods, content delivery, need-based professional development and counseling.  I graduated from seminary where I studied liberation, feminist and process theologies,  as well as participated in a doctoral program in Social Ethics at USC giving me a foundation in the  systemic  issues  we  face  as  a  society  and  how  to  address  them from  a spirit-based servant perspective


A few years later, I completed a year of Practitioner Training, studying New Age Thought with the Centers for Spiritual Living where I began my journey of understanding I am God and that there are powerful laws at work, that when engaged with and tapped into, can produce the most amazing outcomes.  I later studied with a world-renowned Mystery School for 5 years.  Gaining 20 or more different healings and activations, as well as truckloads of esoteric and metaphysical knowledge, I developed a deep understanding of energetics and the spiritual world.  After some time, I found that work to be fear-based and the people in the organization too focused on money and power,  a trait  that seems  to  follow success,  and so my life-long  journey  of learning and exploration continued.   Through the help of Aimee Mosco and my studies with Intentional Healing Systems, I learned how energy moves, is programmed, and how the energetic networks are structured around us.  I began to explore what it means to trust myself and my inner truth and guidance.  Experiencing true freedom for the first time, one which comes from within  and  is  not  found  outside  one's  self, I learned  true emotional  autonomy  and  self-responsibility.   Many things I once believed to be true, were tossed or modified, exercising clarity and discernment. 


From here, I studied with Damanhur, Italy both in the areas of Alchemy and Mystery School Teachings, and continue to participate in their medi-action group to this day.  Coming from a much more empowered place, I found myself gaining very practical tools for understanding the Universe, the alchemy of the elements that exist in and around us, as well as the various aspects of spiritual physics.  I studied such topics as Timelines, Time Travel, Synchronicity, Atlantis, the Holy Grail and the Birth of the Universe just to  name a few.


My last area of study has been in the area of Energetic Clarity and Demystifying the Spirit World with Gosia Lorenz and Lisa Renee.  This area of study has been about becoming a true spiritual warrior and Master of Light.  The other mystery schools talked about darkness, the Enemy and even demons, but this training has helped me to stand in my power, understand how energies work, and move, as well as how to transmute or remove them. 


I have vast and extensive training in esoteric and metaphysical knowledge and the energetics of this world.  I operate from the foundational teachings of the Law of One, "I am God, I am Sovereign, I am free" and have the tools needed to help healers and lightworkers to stand in this truth in a powerful and profound way. 

Below is a list of the various degrees, credentials and certifications I hold:

  • Bachelors in Psychology

  • Masters of Divinity

  • Masters in Multicultural Education

  • Doctorate in Educational Psychology

  • CSL Practitioner Training, 1st Year

  • Single Subject Math Credential

  • Tier 2 Administrative Credential

  • Teacher, Healer, Guide and Ritual Master in NA Mystery School

  • 2nd Year Mystery School, Damanhur

  • 1st Year Alchemy School, Damanhur

  • Level 2 Sacred Practitioner with Intentional Healing Systems

  • Practitioner Trainer of Trainers with Intentional Healing Systems

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