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“Energetic Mastery for Soul Alignment Program”

with Dr. Kimberlee Woods 

Phase 1

Gaining Clarity

Become clear about who you are and what you want. Eliminate roadblocks and set up your auric field to work effectively and efficiently so that you can manifest your outcomes and gain mastery over your life.

Phase 2

Energetic Mastery


Energies and entities surround us every day. This phase will focus on the energetics needed to interact with, clear and master your field in a way that fully supports your outcomes.

Phase 3

Soul Purpose Alignment


This phase will help you determine what it is you are here to do. You will apply current skills and abilities, along with Divine Remembrance in order to identify, accept, align with and live your Soul Purpose.

Phase 4



This phase gives people the opportunity to practice in the field who they are and what they have learned in real world situations where energetic work needs to be done, both locally and internationally.

Become the Energetic Master You Are! 

Live Your Soul Purpose with Clarity, Power and Freedom!

You’re ONE step away from truly living your life purpose

with energetic power and clarity.

Phase 1

Gaining Clarity

Items Covered in Phase 1:

  • Gain clarity on Goals,  Intentions, Affirmations and Visualizations

  • Sacred Activation and Aura Alignment.

  • Tap into your divine remembrance to access tools and wisdom needed to reach outcomes and goals.

  • Shift your perspective from self-judgment to self-love to heal old wounds. 

  • Release pain. 

  • Understand your connection to Source. 

  • Learn to manage your beliefs to master your outcomes. 

  • Untie knots of old energy patterns. 

  • Align subconscious and conscious activity to remove roadblocks. 

  • Learn to trust your Divinity and your Inner Truth.

  • Learn the secrets for manifesting.

  • Neutralize defensiveness in order to act from wisdom.

  • Break free from limitations.

  • Become the master of your field.


Phase 1 Anchor

Phase 2

Energetic Mastery

Items Covered in Phase 2:

  • Gain various energetic mastery tools to help you stay clear and in alignment with your energy field.

  • Learn various tools for psychic defense against unwanted energies and entities.

  • Learn about entities (ghosts, angels, demons, earth sprits) to be aware when they are near, to acknowledge your abilities with them, to distinguish the different types and learn how to clear them.

  • Learn the world of entities and energies, specifically focusing on: Portals, Ancestors, Curses, Walk-ins, Hitchhikers, Clones, and Black Magick 

  • Learn to look within, to read your field, to identify when it is off, and how to correct it.  

  • We will look at the intentions written at the beginning and eliminate, clarify, or re-write those based on your new perspective.

  • Final wrap up exercise will be done to apply these tools in real life situations.


Phase 2 Anchor

Phase 3

Soul Purpose Alignment


Items Covered in Phase 3:

  • Developing Intuitive Abilities through exercises, tapping, and activations in order to send and receive the clearest information possible.​

  • Learn to tap into your Divine Remembrance through your Vault.

  • Cultivate a clear relationship with Source.  

  • Learn to connect more consistently with Light beings. 

  • Gain clarity on the information you are receiving and what is happening in your field. 

  • Learn multiple methods for checking information received from Source. Find the method or methods that work best for you. 

  • Understand the difference between Soul Purpose, gifts, missions, and living a life of magick.

  • Discover any barriers or roadblocks to your Soul Purpose.

  • Receive a reading based on collective humanity’s 7 soul contract lessons to discover where those barriers exist, using tools to shift your energy field to be in alignment with your soul purpose. 

  • Receive tools to help you stay in alignment with your soul purpose. 

  • Receive the Soul Purpose Activation.  


Phase 3 Anchor

Phase 4



Items Covered in Phase 4:

  • Learn various energetic tools for gaining information and clarity regarding yourself and situations.

  • Apply energetic tools in real life situations to achieve various outcomes.

  • Learn how to Earth Grid to raise the vibration of a location and work in conjunction with Mother Earth.

  • Learn how to communicate with Mother Earth to be in alignment with her and supportive of working with her in a variety of situations.

  • Learn how to read the energies of people and places and how to shift the energies to be in alignment with the New Paradigm.

  • Learn to use various Sacred Geometries to shift and ground energy.

  • Travel to various locations to apply energetic tools to sites and upshift and clear energies.


Phase 4 Anchor

4 Phase Package Reduced Price $6995

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