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“Energetic Mastery for Soul Alignment Program”

with Dr. Kimberlee Woods 

Breakdown of the 4 Phases of the Program

Phase 1

Gaining Clarity

5 modules

Phase 2

Energetic Mastery

6 modules

Phase 3

Soul Purpose Alignment

6 modules

Phase 4


5 modules

Become the Energetic Master You Are! 

Live Your Soul Purpose with Clarity, Power and Freedom!

You’re ONE step away from truly living your life purpose

with energetic power and clarity.

Phase 1

Gaining Clarity

MODULE 1 – Gain Clarity on Your Intentions, Affirmations and Visualizations

Get clear about the goals you intend to accomplish-personally, energetically, spiritually, professionally. Learn how to call in the energies to bring those to fruition. Create detailed visualizations of your desires.

MODULE 2 – Sacred Activation and Aura Alignment 

Receive the Sacred Activation to realign your energy layers within your auric field in order to achieve your goals and intentions efficiently with grace and ease.


MODULE 3 – Mini-Lessons  

  • Learn how to tap into your divine remembrance to access tools and wisdom needed for your work today. 

  • Shift your perspective from self-judgment to self-love to heal old wounds. 

  • Retain the benefit and release the pain. 

  • Understand your connection to Source. 

  • Managing our beliefs makes us masters of our outcomes. 

  • Forgiveness unties the knot of old energy patterns. 

  • Living by your Highest Divine Inner Truth.

MODULE 4 – Mini-Lessons 

  • Learn to release and find the value 

  • Becoming free of obstruction.

  • Aligning subconscious and conscious activity to remove roadblocks and take care of unfinished business. 

  • Living in the Present moment.

  • Trusting your Divinity. Trusting your Inner Truth. Fear release and Abundance Tapping.

  • Generators of Love.  Love as the fuel for creation.

  • Empowered Manifestation

  • Energy acts based on programming.  Roadblocking exercise.

  • Creating a Joy perspective.

MODULE 5 - Mini-Lessons

  • Balancing the giving and receiving, masculine and feminine.

  • Trusting your Intuition.

  • Enhancing Intuition

  • Co-creating with others and Source

  • Neutralizing Defensiveness

  • Tapping into and tasking your Higher Wisdom.

  • Being free of limitations. 

  • Support of the Universe

  • Being the Master of your energy field.


Phase 1 Anchor

Phase 2

Energetic Mastery

MODULE 1 – Energetics 101 

You will be given various energetic mastery tools to help you stay clear and in alignment with your energy field: 13 chakras, 7 grid sets, 7 steps of manifestation, 12-dimensional field, 12-D Shield, Hub handshake, unity vow. 

MODULE 2 – Psychic Defense 

Learn various tools for psychic defense against unwanted energies and entities.

MODULE 3 – Demystifying the Spirit World 1 

We will look at entities (ghosts, angels, demons, earth sprits) in order to be more aware when they are near, to acknowledge your abilities with them, to distinguish the different types and learn how to clear them when necessary.

MODULE 4 - Demystifying the Spirit World 2 

We will look more closely as the world of entities and energies, specifically focusing on: Portals, Ancestors, Curses, Walk-ins, and Black Magick 

MODULE 5 - Energetic Clarity 2 

Learn to look within, to read your field, to identify when it is off, and how to correct it.  

MODULE 6 – Intention Re-write and Wrap up

We will look at the intentions written at the beginning and eliminate, clarify, or re-write those based on your new perspective. Final wrap up exercise will be done.



Phase 2 Anchor

Phase 3

Soul Purpose Alignment


MODULE 1 – Developing Intuitive Abilities 

Many tools and exercises will be shared to further develop your intuitive abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, and Clairomniscience) so that you are sending and receiving information in the clearest manner.

MODULE 2 – Trusting Connection to Source; Tools of Divine Remembrance

How are you developing your relationship to Source? Learn to connect more consistently with Light beings.  Gain clarity on what is being said and what is happening in your field. Learn how to access the tools held in your own personal vault, tools accumulated over many lifetimes.

MODULE 3 – Energetic Clarity 1 

Learn multiple methods for checking information received from Source. Find the method or methods that work best for you. 


MODULE 4 – Understanding Soul Purpose 

Understanding the difference between soul purpose, gifts, missions, and living a life of magick.

MODULE 5 – Soul Purpose Reading 

We will discuss your understanding of your soul purpose and any barriers or roadblocks. I will do a reading based on collective humanity’s 7 soul contract lessons to discover where those barriers exist, using tools to shift your energy field to be in alignment with your soul purpose.

MODULE 6 – Soul Purpose Tools and Activation 

Receive tools to help you stay in alignment with your soul purpose.  Receive the Soul Purpose Activation.  


Phase 3 Anchor

Phase 4



MODULE 1 – Being Clear

Learn to ask and answer 6 questions to maintain energetic clarity.  Practice this prior to moving into any new situation.

MODULE 2 – Shifting Energies

Learn to read a person, group, room and location.  Learn to shift the energies to be in alignment with the New Paradigm.

MODULE 3 – Earth Gridding

Learn to communicate with Mother Earth, to determine what she wants and how to work with her. Learn the skills of Earth Gridding.  Learn to raise vibrations and organize the grids to bring in necessary energies for particular locations.

MODULE 4 – Sacred Geometry

Learn the secrets of Sacred Geometry and how to apply this to establish sacred space, shift and ground energy, create patterns, distribute information, and summon light codes.

MODULE 5 – Fieldwork

Travel to a location (local, national or international) to practice methods learned throughout the module. Learn to upshift and clear any energies bound in particular areas.


Phase 4 Anchor

4 Phase Package Price $6995


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