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People have been hearing about chakras for years and assume that what they learned is accurate because they read it in a book or learned it in a class. I have seen and heard so many misconceptions, that I wanted to make this one of the first topics of my blog. Some of the most common misconceptions about chakras is in relation to the number of chakras that exist, how they are opened and cleared, and whether they should ever be closed.


Since there is so much misinformation out there, how can anyone know what is really true? What I cover below is what I was taught through many schools and avatars on the planet. Now, that is not to say that they have the last word on chakras, they don't. Ultimately, you have to go within and use your intuition as to what is accurate and true for you.


The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. This is because each of the chakras is connected to the next in what appears to be a vertical line moving up the body. It is also because they create loops of energy that surround your body.

I recently heard someone say there is only one chakra. In fact, there are currently 2418 chakras, and that amount is increasing every day. Most people will

refer to the 7 most well known chakras that I have I have pictured at the right, referring to them by name, color, number, position and sound. Often times people will play singing bowls at a particular note in order to open and clear the chakra that is aligned with that note.

As we move into new paradigm energies, we are also moving into a new chakra system, one where we are working with 13 primary chakras rather than 7. One of the chakras most important for us to open right now is what is known as your Sacred Heart chakra, located between your heart and throat chakras. Ask your higher wisdom to help you open this chakra. If it is already open, offer it to everyone you meet, whether in the grocery line or at the post office or in your current work space. This is important for our planet's evolution. (Image made available by Aimee Mosco,


Chakras directly correspond with different aspect of our lives. People vary on what these are called and what they do.

  • Higher Crown: The place where the unification of the Buddhic and Solar Mind happen.

  • Soul Star: The Christ mind. Part of a communication hub in our light body.

  • Crown: Soul purpose, link with God and the Divine

  • 3rd Eye: Imagination, clairvoyance, the balance between spiritual will and love.

  • Alpha: AT the Thalamus or Pineal Gland. This holds the Cosmic Intelligence or Wisdom.

  • Throat: Creative expression, clairaudience

  • Sacred Heart: Involves a higher mind function and connection to your Monadic family

  • Heart: Balance between the Soul’s love and will, healing ability, immune energies, love

  • Solar Plexus: Creative energy, hidden intelligence, intellectual mind, balance between feelings and thoughts.

  • Hara/Sacral: Health, intuition, Kundalini energy

  • Root: Grounding of all spiritual energies, creation

  • Omega: Avatar body. 12-D hub and blueprint.

  • Earth Star: The place where we connect to the Earth Grid system and support the collective conscious and DNA upshifting. 1st Ray. Collective Body. No time.

(Information from Aimee Mosco, and Lisa Renee,


Chakras are directly connected to the Endocrine System (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal, and sexual organ glands), which stimulates the hormones and neurochemicals of the body, which then stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This is the Brain-Heart-Gut connection that also relates to the Upper, Middle, and Lower Tanden/Dantien of various chi-style martial arts.

Light flows up and down these chakras freely, pulling up from Mother Earth and down from Source, but in order for it to flow, the chakras must be properly cleared, opened, balanced, aligned and calibrated. Some will open their chakras starting at the root and then moving up and some will start at the crown and move down. Some say because light flows from above, the crown must always be opened first. After the crown has been opened, the opening of chakras can happen from the root up or from the crown down.

In addition, chakras are opened in a particular manner. As can be seen in the picture to the left, chakras open in a funnel shape from each location, rotating chi energy through the funnel in a clockwise rotation as seen from the person's perspective or from above (crown and root chakras only). For example, when opening the crown chakra, push chi energy up through the funnel at the top of the head, as seen from above, moving in a clockwise position from the head and up. After that, chi is used at the 3rd eye. Move chi energy through the back of the head first, in a funnel shape moving outward, as though your eye were at the back of your head and you were looking backwards. Then, do the same but from the front, moving in a funnel shape, from the middle of the forehead and out. This moves again in a clockwise rotation. This will happen with each chakra moving down. Once at the root, move chi energy down from the genital area to Mother Earth, in a clockwise rotation, as seen from above.

That is only what you do when you are clearing. In fact, energy moves in and out of the chakras both clockwise and counter clockwise. The back of the body has to do with the past and the front with the present. In addition, energy moves into the body in a counterclockwise motion, and out of the body in a clockwise direction. This is why clearing is always clockwise movement. For people that are doing reiki, the energy will come in through your left arm counterclockwise and out of your right arm and hand clockwise.

For those people that are getting a lot of downloads, something that seems to be increasing for many lightworkers on the planet, the energy can be very overwhelming for your system. Try opening your chakras in both your hands and your feet, using the funnel and clockwise motion. You will find that the pressure and aching that you are feeling will immediately subside.


When the chakras are fully open, they are then filled with light. This Light is what is used by various light beings (Jesus, Archangels, Buddha, Quan Yin, Elemental Beings) to communicate with and guide us and how we connect to our higher self. Because of that, you want to make sure you have spent time every day in a sacred and safe space to open your chakras and connect with these beings. If you are a highly empathic person, having your chakras fully open can feel difficult. In the classes that I teach through the School of Mystical Arts (, you can learn how to better contain your energy and not take on the energy of others. I teach a variety of ways to increase your light and shield yourself from unwanted energies in many of the Sacred classes including the class on Empathic Function and Clearing Your Field.


If you are having problems with a particular chakra, there are many things you can do to clear, open, balance, align and calibrate them.

Meditate for one minute on each chakra, focusing on its location and color. Which feels most uncomfortable? Where do you feel some resistance? That is an indication that something may need to be worked on or cleared.

You may be experiencing a creative block which is connected to your solar plexus chakra. Try rubbing your solar plexus and saying out loud, “I love myself; I am whole.” Start by saying this out loud and then quieter and quieter until you say it within yourself (not aloud).

Possibly you got your heart broken in a recent relationship. This is connected to your heart chakra. You may make kindness your religion or practice forgiveness and gratitude. One statement that I have given clients is, "I forgive myself for judging myself as ____." Do this over and over while filling in the blank. These are just a few examples of how we can heal ourselves by working with our chakras.

If you are interested in further information on the School of Mystical Arts, or the other classes mentioned in this article, please contact Dr. Kimberlee Woods at 562-208-2248 or email

Dr. Kimberlee Woods has studied with various mystery and alchemy schools and has worked with numerous avatars on the planet.  She has also been an educator for over 25 years, working as a teacher, professor, professional development coordinator, Assistant Principal and Principal.  She currently owns a store called Mystical Awakenings and is the Founder and CEO of the School of Mystical Arts. She teaches and provides various healing modalities to help people live the life of their dreams. 


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