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People love crystals. They love the way they look, the way they feel, and the possibility that they may be creating some positive energy in their lives or healing some aspect that is damaged. While all of this is true, crystals are far more than what people could imagine.

Crystals are a perfected form of sacred geometry which means they are imbued with energy and power. They generate and transmit that energy and power to people and places around them. In fact, they can transmit healing energy to people that is ten times greater than what a human can do.


I use the word “they” when referring to crystals rather than “it” because crystals are sentient beings, meaning they have consciousness. They desire a relationship with us. They have spent thousands of years being forged in the fire of this earth. They are ready to do the job they were created for, the job they are here to do. This is beyond how the average person thinks of crystals, yet those who have been working with them for a long time can attest how true this is.


It is believed that Atlantis used their knowledge of crystals and how they work to power entire cities, using crystals up to 100 yards long. They were experts in how to use crystals to support every aspect of life. I teach a course called The 12 Root Races which talks about 11 other root races that have existed or currently exist on the planet, the Atlantean being one of them. Much more information about Atlantis is given during this class.


Crystals like to work with us. They are waiting for us to give them a job to do whether it be a job of healing, of gathering information, or setting a space. We are in charge of how information from a stone or a crystal is received, amplified or distributed. For example, in my Sacred Geometry 2 students are taught to say an ancient Fanglorian chant while laying the crystals in a particular sacred geometric order. The chant communicates to the crystals to do a particular job such as amplifying the work in that room, enhancing creativity or shielding a space. I have learned how to lay four grids in particular and have put them in my work space and light centers. Every time someone comes in they always say, “It feels so good in here.” Those crystals were programmed to do a job and will continue to do that job until programmed otherwise. They were so happy to finally be used for a purpose, and I was happy to work with them for such an important job.


More important than a particular quality of a crystal is your relationship to the crystal or stone. As with all relationships, those with crystals must be cultivated with nurturing and care. But how do you do this? Start by holding one in your hand. Feel it.

  • What energy do you get? Is there information you need that the crystal can give?

  • Do you need healing? Do you want healing for others?

  • Do you sense that light is coming off one crystal more than another? Can you feel its power?

  • If you are trying to pick a crystal from a bunch of crystals for a specific purpose, is it saying, “Pick me, pick me!”

It is not too late to begin this relationship. Spend time with them. Get to know them. Ask what they want. Ask for help. Remember, they want to work with you.


Once you pick a crystal or stone, think about how you will use it. Will it be used:

  • to wear?

  • to draw positive energy?

  • to abate negative energy?

  • for shielding?

  • on an altar?

  • for healing?

  • to communicate knowledge and information?

  • to acquire knowledge and information?

If you are clear about what you want from a crystal and how you want to use it, then you are setting a particular intention for that crystal. Some will call this charging or programming a crystal. I have heard and seen various methods from people on how to do this. Teaching a method is not the scope of this blog.

Many people will say, “Intention is all that matters.” One thing I have learned from all my training is that intention is often times not enough. If you are trying to have more creativity in your life and you use crystals to do that, are you and they clear about how much creativity, what kind, from what source and the quality not only of the information received but of the product produced? This is why it is important to know more about crystals and how to program them for your particular intention.


I am going to highlight four different ways to use crystals. That does not mean these are the only ways crystals can be used; they are just ways that I have learned and will share.

Crystal Healing

A crystal healing can involve saying words or a chant while holding a crystal or laying one or more of them on particular parts of the body. The kind of programming in the crystal matters, as well as, the type of crystal being used and the placement on the body. This healing works on a variety of aspects including physical healing, spatial relations, time enhancement, anything that you desire to reinforce in your energy field.

You can purchase a particular crystal that will programmed to enhance any healing you are seeking or you can receive a crystal healing where crystals are laid all over your body. This second type of in person healing typically sends people into a very deep state, some seeing a variety of visions, and wake up feeling relaxed. Many will choose to do this over massage.

Crystal Reading

In this modality, crystals are used between the reader and the one being read. Permission has been given through these crystals and by the person, for the reader to access the client’s Akashic Records in order to answer specific questions from the past, present and future. This is a service that I offer through the service page of my website.

Crystal Gridding

Four different grids are laid in a space for the purposes of shielding, creativity, amplification of work and the imbuement of God/Goddess energies. This is done, as stated above, by the saying of ancient chants while moving in sacred geometric patterns. This is a very intensive process that takes all day and involves the moving of furniture. If you like your space to feel good, however, there is nothing better. Crystal gridding will often times involve over 200 personally wrapped crystals and a lot of physical labor and travel, and therefore, it can be costly.

Crystal Dreaming

Crystals are used to set a particular intention or request for information while in a dream state. Guidelines are given regarding crystal placement, time frames and requests.


In order to have the clearest directions and the most powerful results it is important that the crystal is completely clear to ensure it has not picked up other energies or been given a different kind of program. Over time it is natural for them to pick up energies, if from nothing else than from the collective consciousness. Look around our planet. Are we at peace and living in love? All of the anger, hatred and accusation that is being thrown around in the media gets absorbed by these crystals and stones. They will definitely need to be cleared when you get them and on an on-going basis

Crystals are cared for in a variety of ways. If I am going to use a crystal for gridding, I will clear the crystals using Himalayan sea salt or holy salt as well white sage, potentially leaving them in a circle of salt and sage for several days.

In general, crystals can be cleared with running water, holy water, sea salt, sage smoke, sage spray or moon light. Crystals that are porous, however, do not like to be wet. Examples of porous crystals would be selenite, kyanite, opal, azurite or citrine. If you have been wearing your crystals, make sure that you frequently clear them as they are not only picking up your energy, but as was said above, also the energy of the planet and those around you. If you use them in healing sessions, you will also want to clear them after every session, so that the energy from the previous session does not spill over on another client.


People have frequently asked me when a crystal is done. A crystal will usually let you know that it is done, whether intuitively, or more often, by breaking. If your crystal broke, whether on its own or by human factor such as dropping it, it is typically done. Once this happens, care for your crystal by returning it to its homeland, Mother Earth. That shows respect for the crystal and all that it has done to serve you and humanity.

If you are interested in further information on the School of Mystical Arts or the other classes mentioned in this article, please contact Dr. Kimberlee Woods at 562-208-2248 or email

Dr. Kimberlee Woods

Dr. Kimberlee Woods has studied with various mystery and alchemy schools and has worked with numerous avatars on the planet.  She has also been an educator for over 25 years, working as a teacher, professor, professional development coordinator, Assistant Principal and Principal.  She currently owns a store called Mystical Awakenings and is the Founder and CEO of the School of Mystical Arts. She teaches and provides various healing modalities to help people live the life of their dreams. 


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