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Dr. Kimberlee Woods

Kimberlee is an author, teacher, and healer for Mystical Awakenings. She has spent the last six years studying mystery school teachings. She now applies the ancient knowledge she has learned to help empower others to walk a path of purpose.  She has been trained as a Sacred Practitioner as part of Intentional Healing Systems, offering classes all over the globe.  She has written several books soon to be published:


          * The Atlantean Crystalline Network

          * New Atlantis and the Dark Den


Kimberlee has sat on many boards for various non-profits, as both Board Chair and Executive Director.  She has been acknowledged three times as Woman of the Year for community service and activism. In 2018 she started Mystical Awakenings, a place where people can grow through ancient mystical teachings and will launch the School of Mystical Arts in early 2021. She offers dozens of healing services, activations and classes which provide people tools to know themselves, stand in their divinity and live the life of their dreams.

Dr. Woods has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Masters of Divinity and  Multicultural Education and a Doctorate from USC in Educational Psychology.  She sits on the Advisory Board for Friends of Damanhur and is a Board Member of World Game Changers.


You can learn more about Kimberlee on the About Page.  She can also be reached at SoMysticalArts@gmail.com

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